SIMPLIFIED and keep your data safe:
  • Sensitive Customer Data
  • API Keys
  • Database Credentials
  • Anything
We use a multi-stage encryption process and never have access to your raw data.

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The Problem with Traditional Encryption

Plain text is encrypted using an encryption algorithm and a secret key. The secret key and the encrypted text are stored in a database and everything should be fine right? I's technically impossible to be able to decrypt the original plain text unless you have access to the secret key used to encrypt the data.

What if your database is compromised?

The attacker now has access to both the encrypted text as well as your secret key. It's just a matter of time until all of your encrypted data is decrypted to plain text.

What encryption algorithm should you use?

Standard DES, Extended DES, MD5, BLOWFISH, SHA256, SHA512, AES?
The Problem with Encryption
The correct way to encrypt data.

The Solution

Use our simple API to encrypt your data.

You store the secure key, we store the encrypted data. Since we never see your secure key, there is no way we can ever have access to your plain text data. If your server becomes compromised, just login to your account and shut off API access.